Finding the Best Time and Attendance Hardware for Your Business

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Published: 06th August 2012
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What is Time Management Equipment?

Employee time and attendance tracking fixtures are the instruments used along with a time and attendance tracking system, most frequently within a business's place of work. These fixtures are a compulsory part of time tracking systems as they track employee hours and attendance. Most of these machines serve two main purposes in that they raise a workplace's overall security as well. A time and attendance tracking unit will log info about an employee shift when he or she clocks-in or clocks-out for the day. The data that is recorded in this practice will be used to observe employee attendance and figure out employee wages for payroll. When partnered with special software, time tracking equipment will deepen the accuracy and efficiency of the overall routine.

The Best Hardware for Your Business

Whatever type of business you manage, there is a perfect time and attendance management system to suit its needs. Here are the varying methods of time and attendance, and the type of business that they are best suited for.

Factories/Shift Work: If you manage a company that works out of a factory, or a company that runs on shift work, you more than likely have a large number of employees coming and going throughout the day as the shifts change. A great time and attendance monitoring system for your business is one that puts more emphasis on time and attendance than on added allows for easy use by all employees. In this situation, your best option would be a system that uses a punchclock or timeclock. Some examples of punchclock systems are:

- Barcode: Employees using this system simply scan their barcode (usually found on an ID tag or card) with a barcode reader to clock in and out for their shifts and break times.
- Swipe Card: This is a simple to use method that works in conjunction with a magnetic card reader. Employee data is collected when they swipe their cards through the card reader at the start and end of every shift.
- Yubikey: Employees use a yubikey, a type of USB stick, to log into their computers at the start of each shift. This method is effective as the yubikey sends employees time sensitive login codes for extra security when logging in for a shift.

High Corporate: If you run a high corporate office such as a large bank or corporation, you likely handle sensitive information from clients that is not to be obtained by anyone outside of your company's office. You will want to find a time and attendance system that has a strong emphasis on added security so that when you are tracking your employees’ attendance and shifts, you know that only those intended to be in the office are there. In this instance, a system that utilizes high-security biometric devices would work best for your company. Biometric devices rely on the unique physical traits of the employees who use them as to ensure only those known in the system are granted access to the office. Examples of biometric devices are:

- Retinal Scanners: With this device, an image of an employee's eye is recorded and compared to a previously scanned image of their eye in order to confirm the employee's identity.
- Fingerprint Scanners: This method is used to scan an employee's fingerprint, which is then compared to a previously scanned image to confirm the identity of the employee.
- Hand Punch Scanner: This device scans a three-dimensional image of the individual entire hand and compares it to a previously scanned image to confirm the individual identity. This is one of the most effect methods using a biometric device.
- Voice Recognition Device: This method requires the employee to say a set of phrases or words which are recorded and compared to the vocal patterns of a previous recording to confirm the identity of the employee.

On-Site/Construction: If you own or manage a repair, delivery or construction company then you know that having your employees under one roof or in one spot for any length of time is a rarity. The job site is never the same from week to week and there is little reason for employee's to go to head office on a regular basis. In such cases, the optimum method of time and attendance would be one that is mobile. Through cloud based software,SMS notifications and other mobile applications, your employees can clock in for their shifts while on the go, no matter where the job site is that day. The best devices to use for mobile time and attendance tracking are:

- Laptops
- iPhones
- Smartphones
- iPads
- Tablets

Benefits of Using Employee Time Tracking Equipment

Using time management appliances at your office will enhance the ease, accuracy and efficiency of tracking employee shifts and attendance. Manual time tracking is an outdated method, and with the wide range of equipment options available, you will easily find an automatic method of tracking time and attendance that will benefit your business. Your company HR staff will no longer spend their days compiling employee data for payroll, as the time tracking components you use will automatically perform these duties for you. Along with being more productive, these devices will help to reduce the instances of time theft in your office as your methods of tracking employee hours and attendance will be highly accurate. Most likely one of the best advantages of using time and attendance tools in your company is the the horde of options that are available to choose from. Businesses that grow and change see changes in their needs too. No matter what kind of business you are developing, you can feel good knowing that there is always a time and attendance monitoring method available to benefit the needs of your business.

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